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A Guide To Soundproof Office Partitions

sound proof office partitions


Room dividers and soundproof partitions are necessary requirements in most offices more so if you seek to increase the productivity of your employees. Contrary to common perception, though, an office partition doesn’t necessarily provide a sound box either when you enter or you close the door.

The truth of the matter is that a completely soundproof cellular room can hardly be achieved going by the standards of most office partitioning products in the niche.



The Endless Possibilities of Sound Proofing an Office:

With quality services, you can be guaranteed of top notch soundproofing partitions that can drastically enhance sound reduction as well as mitigate speech intelligibility – which is highly recommended and ideal for office partitioning.

Its overall efficacy is however pegged on the construction of the comprehensive sound proof partition among other factors that include; floor, wall construction, ceiling finish and acquisition of specialized furniture that mitigates the level of soundproofing in office space.


The Most Effective Soundproof Office Partition:

AWD ranges are highly regarded as the most effective in regards to office partitioning, and this can be attributed to its capacity to achieve an enhanced level of sound mitigation compared to glass partition.

You also have the option of going for double glazed partitions rather than the popular single glazed glass partitions found in most spaces.


The Role Played by Doors in Sound Mitigation:

The role played by doors in sound mitigation is very crucial and must be accorded a lot of due diligence when choosing the ideal type of doors to be used in an office setup.

This is basically due to the fact that most doors have been found to act significantly in a lower fashion compared with the installed partitions; hence the need for the recommendation of double-glazed acoustic doors to be the most ideal for soundproofing.

Again, the overall location of the door placement must be put into a lot of consideration during the layout and design so as to enhance the maximum level of sound proofing. That is basically the main reason as to why we recommend the doors opening into the walkways and corridors where it is unlikely to be occupied.

You must go with company offers that include the opportunity to provide clients with frame-less glass doors which have an acoustic seal. This works more or less like closing the door into the frame but is largely minimal and less expensive.


How To Test Soundproofing Office Partitions and Room Dividers:

A majority of office partitions have always been tested in a laboratory setup – which is no mean feat to replicate from onsite locations. Achieved figures should be at the maximum level compared to the onsite environment by typically minimizing the figure to at least 10 percent.

The figure can be minimized further because of the flanking transition which may occur along acoustic weak points like the opening of the door, wall, ceiling abutments and the floor.


Forms of Reducing Speech Legibility:

One major factor to put into consideration is the amount of white noise that emanates from office environments which can have a huge influence on speech legibility in meeting halls and offices.

In this regard, the sound is largely used to create white noise in an open plan setup and has been proven to be quite effective in enhancing the amount of sound reduction in office environments alongside sound partition.

Innovative Ways to Use Bi-fold Doors

Bi-folding doors that are commonly known as bi-fold doors are a perfect option for people thinking of installing a new door to their homes. These doors can be stacked aside and save your home space. They also have the ability to cover a wide opening to your home perfectly. They also transform the look of the room when opened and make it look more spacious.

If you are aware of these amazing benefits but you are not sure about where you will place these doors then here are a few awesome ideas to add these doors to your home in Sydney.


Living Room and Outdoors

Won’t it be great if you could just watch the TV on your living room couch and also keep an eye on your kids playing in the front garden? It can happen when you install these doors at your home. As these doors have very wide openings, you can create a wall of sort by using these doors only.

This option is good for keeping your home secure too as these doors are very hard to get by if you add them to the home security system. The amount of light they filter into your living room is another advantage you can’t rule out.


Living Room and Dining Area

Most modern homes have an open living and dining area and sometimes it can bother you. Imagine your kids barging in when you have guests enjoying dinner at your home. When you install these doors, the kids will know that they are not allowed when the doors are closed.

As these doors are transparent, they will give an illusion of a wide open space while allowing you to create two rooms out of one open area. It is also a great idea for people who work from home. You can work by sitting on the dining table while your kids watch TV in the living room. No noise but full control over your kids’ activities.


Create an Outdoor Entertaining Area

Always wanted to have an outdoor dining area at home but could not buy a larger home? Don’t worry. You can add these doors to the dining area and turn it into an outdoor entertainment area. Just remove the walls and replace them with the bifold doors. The costs involved would be well worth the experience of enjoying meals with your loved ones in the cooler months and having an awesome place to invite all your guests to.


Enhance the Bedroom View

If you have been blessed to have your bedroom facing the outdoors, you can remove the wall opposite your bed and enjoy the view outside day and night. The amount of the light you enjoy in the bedroom will increase this way and you will get to save some power bills.

It will also make you a happier person because there is nothing better at gazing at the amazing sceneries in the mornings to kick start your day. Having the cool breeze get into your bedroom during long romantic nights would add a new thrill to your relationship with your husband / wife. Imagine enjoying candlelight dinner with the breeze coming in through the open bi-fold doors and making you feel like you are in a 5 star restaurant.


Things to Remember While Hiring a Professional for Landscape Design in Sydney

Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Landscaping in Sydney is a complicated task that involves some simple garden maintenance tasks like pruning or getting rid of weeds.

Most people consider these two tasks as the only ones they would ever need. This is so not true. The fact is that this has many elements that work together to create a charming garden or backyard or front yard for you.

You can work on any space and beautify it with proper landscaping. A simple backyard can be as pretty as a mansion’s garden if the design and maintenance is done right.

When you get serious about your home garden project, the foremost thing to do is hire an expert. There are so many “so-called” experts out there that you need to be cautious and choose the one that meets your requirements. To ensure that you hire the perfect person and get the garden of your dreams, ensure that you follow the below-mentioned steps.


The Beginning

The first step is to be clear about your expectations. When you see a garden design you hope for on the internet or in a magazine, get a copy of it to ensure that you tell the professional landscaper your expectations. Try to be as realistic as possible so that you don’t hope for something that can’t be done.

Though there is only a small amount that can’t be done. Each experienced professional would be happy to build structures to give your backyard a better look. An expert would also be able to add or remove the soil to ensure perfection.

The Discussion

Once you have chosen one or shortlisted a few people for the job, the next steps are to have a meeting with them and exchange the ideas. You may meet them over a cup of coffee in the city or visit them at their office. You can talk about projects they have designed in the past and see some samples.

Maybe you’ll like to have a garden similar to one they had built for someone else. You can also view their recommendations just to be sure that you don’t end up wasting your money because, by all accounts, it is a bit hard on the budget. But the results you get are worth every dollar.


Budget Matters

When you are hiring an expert, be sure to hire the one who knows how to work within a budget without cutting corners on quality.

If you are not sure about how much should be the cost of your project, be smart and get quotes from all the landscapers in the area. Shortlist the cheapest ones, judge their skills and hire the one that meets your needs and budget.

man pruning a garden outside Ibis Hotel in Sydney

Discuss Every Detail

The next step is to make sure that you understand each other together from the first day. You don’t need to be over friendly but make sure they know that you want to have a handle on what’s happening in your backyard.

They should offer regular reports to you so that you both remain on the same page as it will bring in the desired results. Doing little inspections from time to time is also not a bad idea.



Have Some Faith

When you have hired an experienced landscaper in Sydney, have a faith in their abilities. You must know that some of your ideas may not be feasible or not so creative and they may know a better way to do it. So, keep your mind open to new ideas and accept that you can’t be right every time.

If the landscaper is saying that you can’t place a pond in the garden then accept it and compromise for other options like an artificial waterfall.


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Giving Your Concrete Driveway a New Lifespan

cracks on a concrete surfaceConcrete driveways, are not wine or rum which gets better with age. What am I implying? Concrete driveways are not built to last forever. They are subject to tear and wear over the years. They are used, almost on a daily bases. They are exposed to the nature too. Nature got very destructive forces, wind, sun light, storms and many more.

After the initial construction of the driveway, cracks and stains start emerging after some years. This calls for a major overhaul or maintenance. Before you go the overhaul way, think twice. It requires an expert with a hammer, chisel and cramp to remove the worn out concrete. A better option is at your disposal. Adding another layer of concrete, on top of the old one is the solution. It gives your old concrete an increased lifespan.

Getting creative with the new concrete layer

If your new concrete layer will be boring, you are still living in the past. You need not, add a grey coat of new concrete only. Getting creative with the new coat is allowed. Experts have come up with new ways to make the new coat look amazing.

Patterns, drawings, different colors and textures are added to the new concrete layer. The cheapest means of doing this, is painting the new layer with a captivating coat of paint. This is done using high pressure spray paints. Stenciling or clamping the new concrete is more expensive. The cost does not come in vain. It gives you a wider variety of options. An expert is able to add texture, depth, thickness, patterns, etc to the driveway. Why should you demolish a driveway and you have a cheaper option?


Painting as a way of giving a driveway a new lease of life

Painting is cheaper compared to a new concrete coat. A new coating of paint is sprayed on the old driveway. Remember the main attributes of a worn out driveway are, stains and cracks. A new paint coat, will definitely do away with the stains. What about the cracks? Don’t under-estimate the power of paint.


At high pressures and speeds, paint penetrates cracks and crevices. This technology is employed on the driveway too. The paint coat covers the cracks too, even though painting is less durable compared to a new concrete coat. A driveway may remain in good condition, for up to five years. All this is as a result of a new paint coat. An expert should be hired to do this.