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A Guide To Soundproof Office Partitions

sound proof office partitions


Room dividers and soundproof partitions are necessary requirements in most offices more so if you seek to increase the productivity of your employees. Contrary to common perception, though, an office partition doesn’t necessarily provide a sound box either when you enter or you close the door.

The truth of the matter is that a completely soundproof cellular room can hardly be achieved going by the standards of most office partitioning products in the niche.



The Endless Possibilities of Sound Proofing an Office:

With quality services, you can be guaranteed of top notch soundproofing partitions that can drastically enhance sound reduction as well as mitigate speech intelligibility – which is highly recommended and ideal for office partitioning.

Its overall efficacy is however pegged on the construction of the comprehensive sound proof partition among other factors that include; floor, wall construction, ceiling finish and acquisition of specialized furniture that mitigates the level of soundproofing in office space.


The Most Effective Soundproof Office Partition:

AWD ranges are highly regarded as the most effective in regards to office partitioning, and this can be attributed to its capacity to achieve an enhanced level of sound mitigation compared to glass partition.

You also have the option of going for double glazed partitions rather than the popular single glazed glass partitions found in most spaces.


The Role Played by Doors in Sound Mitigation:

The role played by doors in sound mitigation is very crucial and must be accorded a lot of due diligence when choosing the ideal type of doors to be used in an office setup.

This is basically due to the fact that most doors have been found to act significantly in a lower fashion compared with the installed partitions; hence the need for the recommendation of double-glazed acoustic doors to be the most ideal for soundproofing.

Again, the overall location of the door placement must be put into a lot of consideration during the layout and design so as to enhance the maximum level of sound proofing. That is basically the main reason as to why we recommend the doors opening into the walkways and corridors where it is unlikely to be occupied.

You must go with company offers that include the opportunity to provide clients with frame-less glass doors which have an acoustic seal. This works more or less like closing the door into the frame but is largely minimal and less expensive.


How To Test Soundproofing Office Partitions and Room Dividers:

A majority of office partitions have always been tested in a laboratory setup – which is no mean feat to replicate from onsite locations. Achieved figures should be at the maximum level compared to the onsite environment by typically minimizing the figure to at least 10 percent.

The figure can be minimized further because of the flanking transition which may occur along acoustic weak points like the opening of the door, wall, ceiling abutments and the floor.


Forms of Reducing Speech Legibility:

One major factor to put into consideration is the amount of white noise that emanates from office environments which can have a huge influence on speech legibility in meeting halls and offices.

In this regard, the sound is largely used to create white noise in an open plan setup and has been proven to be quite effective in enhancing the amount of sound reduction in office environments alongside sound partition.