Giving Your Concrete Driveway a New Lifespan

cracks on a concrete surfaceConcrete driveways, are not wine or rum which gets better with age. What am I implying? Concrete driveways are not built to last forever. They are subject to tear and wear over the years. They are used, almost on a daily bases. They are exposed to the nature too. Nature got very destructive forces, wind, sun light, storms and many more.

After the initial construction of the driveway, cracks and stains start emerging after some years. This calls for a major overhaul or maintenance. Before you go the overhaul way, think twice. It requires an expert with a hammer, chisel and cramp to remove the worn out concrete. A better option is at your disposal. Adding another layer of concrete, on top of the old one is the solution. It gives your old concrete an increased lifespan.

Getting creative with the new concrete layer

If your new concrete layer will be boring, you are still living in the past. You need not, add a grey coat of new concrete only. Getting creative with the new coat is allowed. Experts have come up with new ways to make the new coat look amazing.

Patterns, drawings, different colors and textures are added to the new concrete layer. The cheapest means of doing this, is painting the new layer with a captivating coat of paint. This is done using high pressure spray paints. Stenciling or clamping the new concrete is more expensive. The cost does not come in vain. It gives you a wider variety of options. An expert is able to add texture, depth, thickness, patterns, etc to the driveway. Why should you demolish a driveway and you have a cheaper option?


Painting as a way of giving a driveway a new lease of life

Painting is cheaper compared to a new concrete coat. A new coating of paint is sprayed on the old driveway. Remember the main attributes of a worn out driveway are, stains and cracks. A new paint coat, will definitely do away with the stains. What about the cracks? Don’t under-estimate the power of paint.


At high pressures and speeds, paint penetrates cracks and crevices. This technology is employed on the driveway too. The paint coat covers the cracks too, even though painting is less durable compared to a new concrete coat. A driveway may remain in good condition, for up to five years. All this is as a result of a new paint coat. An expert should be hired to do this.